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22nd September 2014
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It has been just over a week since I was handed a yellow shiny box that contained the newest kit on the block, Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre. All week I’ve been asked about the Libre:

“How much does it cost?”

“Does it hurt to put on?”

“Will I still need to finger prick?”

“Will you use it again?”…

There has been a lot of excitement over the Libre of late and I can understand why. It might not suit everyone but for some, it could be a real game changer…

I had a moment last night when I peeled myself off the sofa where I’d ended up after having a hypo. I’d stumbled into the kitchen, tired from the five year old’s birthday party that I’d been to earlier in the day, and rummaged through the cupboards until I found something sweet and fast acting to bring my blood sugars back up. I then curled up on the sofa and closed my eyes until my heart had stopped pounding and the room had stopped spinning.

When I was lying on the sofa I thought about my day and how helpful the Libre had been since I was given it. Granted, I hadn’t ‘flashed’ the reader over my sensor for around an hour, therefore I didn’t notice that my blood sugars were dropping, but throughout the day I’d been able to enjoy my time off and not worry about my diabetes. I’d be quite care-free and relaxed, feeling comforted by the fact that my Libre reader was close by, working away to collect and store my minute-by-minute glucose trend. Relaxed knowing that if I needed, or just wanted, to know what my blood glucose level was, I could do so in a matter of seconds – as fast as it takes to pull my phone out of my pocket and unlock it. I’m still amazed at the speed in which I can test my glucose now, and how easy it has become. Convenience a big deal for me as I have a very fast paced life.

Since getting the Libre I’ve also felt a lot more confident in myself and about managing my diabetes. Being able to see an eight-hour trace of my blood glucose, as it is recorded every minute, has been a real eye opener for me and allowed me to see that, actually, I really need to work a lot harder than I have been at my diabetes to get things on the right track.

Before getting the Libre, I was definitely stuck in a rut, though I didn’t want to admit it. I’d been struggling for a long time to get any sort of control over my levels and felt angry with myself for not being able to ‘get it right’ after all these years of having diabetes. I suppose I was at the stage where I was so fed up with it, so physically and emotionally drained by lows followed by highs, that I just wanted to bury my head in the sand and forget about it. Of course, that never works and the Libre has given me an opportunity to have a visual insight into where I’m going wrong and what my options might be for making things better.

So as I lay on my sofa, the fog clearing from my hypo brain, I suddenly felt a little sad. Sad that in three weeks’ time I wouldn’t have that insight anymore. Sad that the safety net I’ve had over the past week would soon be gone. Sad that ‘Flash Gordon’, as I’ve fondly named my reader, would soon be quite useless to me. But at the same time I felt very grateful for the chance to get the insight that I’ve had… to be able to road test the technology and feedback to others about my experiences. And I’m really grateful that the Libre has helped me pull my head out of the sand.

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