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No referral fee for insulin specialist service

By Editor
10th May 2018
NHS England

Healthcare professionals are being urged to use a specialist service in England that does not charge for referrals and helps people with diabetes who have severe insulin resistance and lipodystrophy.  

The National Severe Insulin Resistance Service provides a multidisciplinary NHS service for both adults and children and is based at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, which is part of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

It is funded by NHS England and there is no charge to referring teams. However, there is a referral criteria which includes Donohue Syndrome or Rabson Mendenhall Syndrome with confirmed extreme hyperinsulinaemia, clinically diagnosed lipodystrophy (generalised or partial) and unexplained severe insulin resistance with: BMI<30kg/m2 (BMI Z score <=+3 in children) and acanthosis nigricans and/or severe hyperinsulinaemia.

The team, led by Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly, Professor David Savage, Dr Anna Stears, Dr Audrey Melvin and Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist Dr Rachel Williams, hold weekly multidisciplinary outpatient clinics. They also provide a weekly multidisciplinary team meeting.

They have onsite access to genetic screenings, specialised biochemical assays and specialised radiology, including liver MRI. At the moment there also access to funded treatment options including leptin, GLP1 agonists, U500 insulin and IGF-I in selected patients.

To register your interest, or to find out more information, email:

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