Nursing group releases basal insulin in type 2 guidelines

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27th November 2019
Care planning, Guidelines

Guidelines have been developed to address frequently asked questions on insulin initiation and titration among adults with type 2 diabetes.

Published by TREND-UK, an organisation that represents all diabetes nursing groups, it lays out simple and practical guidance for healthcare professionals involved in diabetes care to help them address common insulin issues.

Before a person with type 2 diabetes is prescribed insulin, early advice in the document recommends that any healthcare professional considering to initiate basal insulin “should attend one of the available courses to gain the relevant skills and knowledge to undertake this transition in care”.

Other topics covered include; the importance of establishing regular blood glucose monitoring, how to decide on the preferred insulin and device and how to teach correct injection techniques.

The importance of the Insulin Passport, following recommendations from the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA/2011/PSA003), is also highlighted. It suggests that people over 18 who use insulin should be encouraged to carry their Insulin Passport with them so that the information is available in an emergency and to show it to health professionals to confirm details of their current insulin therapy. All the insulin companies produce insulin safety cards corresponding to their insulins free of charge.

On the last page, a flowchart provides a guide for a healthcare professional to follow about whether they should start a person  on basal insulin.

The document is temporarily unavailable, it will be live again soon.

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