Once-weekly semaglutide helps combat teenage obesity, evidence identifies

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22nd November 2022
Obesity, Research

Adolescents living with obesity can reduce their body weight by taking a once-weekly treatment of a 2.4-mg dose of semaglutide alongside following a healthy lifestyle, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  

A team of researchers analysed the health outcomes of 201 overweight teenagers, all of whom had at least one coexisting weight-related condition.

Participants were randomly assigned to receive either once-weekly subcutaneous semaglutide or placebo for 68 weeks.

On average, the participants in the semaglutide group reduced their body weight by 16.1 per cent compared to a 0.6 per cent reduction in the placebo group.

In addition, cardiometabolic risk factors were lower amongst those with semaglutide than with placebo.

The study states: “Among adolescents with obesity, once-weekly treatment with a 2.4-mg dose of semaglutide plus lifestyle intervention resulted in a greater reduction in BMI than lifestyle intervention alone.”

To access the study, click here.

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