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One of those hypos… – Ninjabetic’s latest blog post

By Editor
21st April 2014
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I was woken up this morning by my partner’s alarm beeping away at 7am.

“Do we have to go to work?” I asked as I tried to remember which day it was. I was sure it was Sunday…
“Not today, I set it by accident.” He replied.
Feeling pleased I rolled over and went back to sleep. I woke up again at 9am full of energy and enthusiasm…
“I’m ready to start my day!” I said, waiting for a response. When I realised I wasn’t going to get one I gathered my essentials – laptop, iPad, phone and blood glucose machine, then I headed to the front room.
My blood sugar reading was 13.7mmol/l so I took 1.6 units of insulin as a correction. I didn’t feel hungry enough to eat anything so I made a cup of tea instead and settled down to start on an essay. Three hours later I was ready to eat. I grabbed some noodles and counted the carbs, there were 40 grams per portion which meant I needed 5.4 units of insulin as my blood sugar had come down to 8.5mmol/l.
I used the multiwave function on my insulin pump which meant that the insulin could be delivered over a certain period of time. I choose 4 hours and gave an immediate dose of 1 unit – I’ve learnt over time that if I take more than 2 units of insulin when my blood sugar is between 4-9mmol/L I end up having a hypo, so I tend to use the multiwave function for times like this.
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