Roche launches campaign to support structured blood glucose monitoring

By Editor
13th August 2020

A campaign to provide vital information about structured blood glucose monitoring to people with diabetes has been launched.

The Roche Diabetes Care initiative will provide people with material on how to monitor meaningfully and to help them better understand their blood glucose results. The information will be running across Facebook, YouTube and on the Accu-Chek website.

Roche recognises that monitoring blood glucose can be challenging for people with diabetes. The campaign offers advice on structured blood glucose monitoring, whereby people with diabetes check their blood glucose readings at specific points during the day to allow them to see the effect food, exercise and medication is having on their blood glucose levels.

Dr Claire Marriott, Medical Affairs Lead at Roche Diabetes Care, said: “We know that blood glucose checks are an important part of diabetes management, giving people with diabetes information that may require them to take action.

“However, unstructured monitoring can be less informative than monitoring in a structured way, which gives deeper, more targeted data. We hope with our campaign that we can support people with diabetes to better understand the benefits of structured testing.”

Studies show that monitoring in a structured way can support people to interpret their blood glucose results, make meaningful changes, and improve outcomes.

In addition to demonstrating the importance of meaningful monitoring, the intention of the campaign is to show how a structured approach to monitoring can give a greater collection of data which, in turn, can offer a better understanding of fluctuations in blood glucose.

Making monitoring meaningful is easier when people with diabetes have useful tools to help collect and interpret their blood glucose checks, the campaign also highlights tools that can support with this.

Dr Marriott added: “Everyone will need support in different ways so it is great that there are so many valuable resources available. Roche is currently also supporting the Diabetes UK Learning Zone which offers lifestyle advice and diabetes management tips.”

Healthcare professionals who would like to direct people with diabetes to the campaign advice on structured monitoring can guide them to here and the Diabetes UK Learning zone can be found here.

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