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Self analysis tool for nationwide semaglutide audit

By Editor
11th October 2019

Teams taking part in the ABCD Nationwide Semaglutide Audit can now analyse their own data.

Dr Bob Ryder, Clinical Lead for ABCD Nationwide Audits, has shared a video tutorial on how to use an analysis tool.

Speaking on the ABCD website he said: “Semaglutide is now on most formularies. It is easy to analyse your own results in the on-line ABCD semaglutide audit tool as shown in the how to do it video tutorial.

“Some CCGs are requesting local audit and the tool facilitates this. ABCD encourages everybody in the UK using semaglutide to join the nationwide audit, both for the purpose of entering and analysing their own data, but also contributing to the national database which will facilitate detailed analysis with large numbers.”

Forms for handwritten data entry that exactly match the online tool can be downloaded from the semaglutide audit webpage, where participants can register for the audit and access the online tool.

Dr Ryder added: “As discussed on this page, the clinical trials with semaglutide suggest that it is more effective than the other GLP-1 receptor agonists that we have to date but there remains much that we don’t know that we could learn from this real world audit.

“You do not have to be a member of ABCD to join the audit which is open to all users of semaglutide and local data analysis is an appropriate project for medical students, junior doctors and diabetes specialist nurses.

“As we have done with previous audits, all contributors will be acknowledged in all papers and presentations from the audit data and biggest contributors will be offered the possibility of being co-authors.”

For more information, contact the ABCD Nationwide Audits Database Administrator Melissa Cull.

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