Type 1 man launches diabetes social network

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17th March 2016
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A man with type 1 diabetes has launched a social media network aimed at people with the condition.

Christopher Reed, from Portsmouth, launched JABA early this year and said since then word has spread quickly.

The 32-year-old said: “The network is still small but we are receiving  five new sign-ups every hour. Since launching we now have members in the US, Canada and Australia, Spain and Croatia, as well as the UK.

Severe hypo

“The site is designed to bring everything and everyone who has diabetes together into one place.  Including their support network, family, friends and healthcare workers.”

On the site, a user can create a profile, add events, photos and videos etc.  They can also start discussions, create groups and add any diabetes products they may currently be using.

Christopher was diagnosed in 1995, but it was only until last year when he received an insulin pump from the NHS.

On the same day he suffered a severe hypo just before driving and he was found by a neighbour three hours later unconscious.

After several days in hospital he eventually regained consciousness but his memory had been affected.

He said: “It was clear I didn’t recognise my own family or have any memory for the past 30 years of my life.

“Over the next few days my memory would slowly return to me in dribs and drabs but unfortunately my long-term memory was in pieces.

“Luckily had a amazing support network around me and my wife sat by my side every day for which I am forever grateful. My memory still to this day isn’t what it was, but every day a little bit returns to me.

“It was clear to me in the events that happened that when you suffer from a condition such as diabetes, you do not suffer alone. It not only affects the person who has it but it affects everyone around you.”

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