Type 1 diabetes event to advocate ‘different approach’

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28th January 2016
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A group of leading diabetes consultants is organising a conference aimed at inspiring people to “think differently” about their condition.

The aim of the event, which takes place on March 12, is to “bring people together so they can talk about type 1 diabetes”.

The Talking About Diabetes (TAD) meeting, supported by Diabetes UK and JDRF, will take place at the South Kensington Campus of Imperial College London, with eight speakers set to talk from a wide range of backgrounds to attend.

Partha Kar

Dr Partha Kar is also the associate editor of the Diabetes Times

The event is being organised by Dr Partha Kar, who is from Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Catherine Peters from the paediatric endocrinology and diabetes department at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Peter Hindmarsh, professor of paediatric endocrinology at University College London.

Dr Partha Kar, who is also the associate editor of The Diabetes Times, said: “The aim of this conference is to bring together individuals who have inspirational stories to share their experiences of living with diabetes.

“The goal is to get people to think differently about their condition, removing the barriers and stigmas that tend to be associated with diabetes.

“Hopefully the event will generate lots of discussion and will encourage those living with diabetes to think more positively about their condition. We want to bring people together so they can talk about diabetes.”tad

Team Novo Nordisk’s Joe Eldridge, an athlete with the first type 1 diabetes pro-cycling team has been confirmed as a speaker. BBC Radio 4’s Justin Webb, whose son has type 1 diabetes, is set to chair the conference.

The speakers will present for 20 minutes to present their thoughts, with questions from the audience taken afterwards. The talks will be videoed so they can be shared with a wider online audience at a later date.

The TAD online registration process is now live and will allow up to 200 people to reserve their place. Allocation will be determined on a first come, first served basis.

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