Creator behind first non-invasive blood glucose sensor features in latest Big Interview

By Editor
30th January 2024
The Big Interview

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an innovative Welsh tech firm that is developing the world’s first non-invasive wearable blood glucose sensor has revealed how the device will improve the lives of people living with diabetes. 

Sabih Chaudhry, CEO of Afon Technology, joined the Diabetes Times Editor Oliver Jelley for the latest Big Interview.

During the interview, Sabih shares how he went from being a microwave engineer to developing a revolutionary non-invasive blood glucose sensor, which is tipped to make life easier for people living with diabetes by removing the need for needles when monitoring blood sugar levels.

He also discusses why Afon Technology is leading the race in developing the world’s first non-invasive wearable blood glucose monitor.

“We think we have got a unique solution in terms of the technology that we are using,” said Sabih.

He added: “Every time we take a step forward, we challenge ourselves to make sure it is right and that we are going in the right direction.”

To watch the Big Interview, click here.

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