Diabetes GPwSI to look at translating evidence into practice

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18th September 2020
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A leading GPwSI, who has a special interest in diabetes and cardiology, has said that COVID-19 must not be blamed for therapeutic inertia.

Dr Naresh Kanumilli is joining forces with Professor Wasim Hanif, Professor of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Consultant Physician, and Head of Service in diabetes at University Hospital Birmingham and together they will host a series of webinars for DPC2020.

The Manchester-based GP said: “Just because we are in a pandemic, does not excuse therapeutic inertia.

“We need to be doing all we can to ensure the best outcomes for the person with diabetes, especially now we have a huge evidence base.” 

The first session, ‘Managing Cardiovascular Risk: Evidence into practice’, will take place on Tuesday, September 22 at 6.30pm. The next meetings have been scheduled for Tuesday, September 29 and Tuesday, October 6.

Dr Kanumilli said: “The key points of the session will discuss how to decipher what is the best evidence to use and then how to apply it to people with diabetes in a bid to enable better outcomes for them.

“We need to learn to look at what the latest data and evidence shows us and also take into account the burden of CVD in diabetes, both for the person with diabetes and the economy.

“It’s all about understanding how to translate evidence from trials into usable pathways that healthcare professionals can effectively use. If there are no pathways then we need to look at developing them, with help from ADA, EASD and ACC guidelines.”

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