Diabetes nurse organisation releases insulin safety leaflet

By Editor
27th April 2017
Insulin pumps, Medical devices Technology

A leading diabetes specialist nurse organisation has published an insulin safety leaflet. 

TREND-UK has released a patient booklet entitled Keeping Safe with Insulin Therapy because “insulin management and prescribing errors are very common and can lead to patient harm”.

The booklet provides information on dosage, technique and devices. There are over 30 different insulin available in the UK so those who use it are being warned to always check they have the right one for them.

Insulin requirements differ from person to person, so the booklets recommends people always carry their insulin passport or insulin safe card with them at all times.

Detailed advice on how to inject to avoid lipohypertrophy or ‘lipos’ has also been issued. People who need insulin are being reminded to inject at a 90 degree angle in either the upper outer thighs, upper outer buttocks and abdomen.

A spokesperson for TREND-UK said: “Insulin treatment improves the quality of life in many people and saves the lives of others. It is used to lower blood glucose levels. However, insulin management and prescribing errors are very common and can lead to patient harm.

“This booklet can help patients to get the most out of their insulin treatment and keep them safe.”

TREND-UK provides lots of helpful resources for patients and nurses. To gain access users must create an account and log in.

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