Diabetes tech expert discusses benefits of closed loop systems in latest Big Interview

By Editor
22nd November 2023
The Big Interview

An international diabetes consultant who has been at the forefront of diabetes technology for 22 years has talked about how continuous glucose monitoring helps people better understand and manage hypoglycaemia.

Professor Pratik Choudhary, from the University of Leicester, discussed all things technology during the latest Big Interview with the Diabetes Times editor Oliver Jelley.

Professor Choudhary talked about the current projects he is involved in, which include a hypo awareness study that is using continuous glucose monitors to help redefine definitions of hypoglycaemia.

He is also the chair of the Diabetes Technology Network (DTN) UK – a group working to improve access to technology for diabetes through training, education and advocacy.

In 2020, Professor Choudhary joined the Leicester Diabetes Centre (LDC) – an organisation at the forefront of diabetes research with a world-renowned, multi-disciplinary research team.

“The diabetes research centre at Leicester is something else,” said Professor Choudhary during the Big Interview.

He added: “It is one of the biggest diabetes research centres in Europe. More than 250 people work there just in diabetes research.”

Going forward, Professor Choudhary is hoping to increase the pool of clinicians that are skilled enough to use diabetes technology correctly.

To listen to the full Big Interview, click here.

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