Experts explore technological benefits for type 1 diabetes

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27th June 2022
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Individualised care, support and education are the most powerful drivers in the adoption of ‘game-changing’ technology within type 1 diabetes care in the NHS, three specialists have said.

In an article published by the Society for Endocrinology, the experts have addressed how the landscape of technology in type 1 diabetes care is changing at an unprecedented pace.

According to Dr Reza Zaidi, Consultant Diabetologist, Dr Fulya Mehta, Consultant Paediatric Diabetologist and Professor Partha Kar, Consultant Diabetologist and the National Specialty Advisor, NHS England, more sophisticated commercial systems are being rolled out as a result of the success seen in recent years.

They said: “The aim to reduce inequalities in uptake remains at the forefront of current policy and transformational plans within NHS England.”

Technological advancements that have improved the lives of people living with type 1 diabetes include:

  • Closed loop systems – continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is of two types: real time (rtCGM) or intermittently scanned (isCGM). rtCGM systems (Dexcom, Medtronic, Medtrum) measure glucose every few minutes and actively transmit data wirelessly from the sensor to a reader or smartphone app, whereas isCGM systems (FreeStyle Libre) transmit data only when the user scans their sensor with a reader or smartphone app.
  • Time in Range.

The article states: “In recent years, there has been encouraging progress in the uptake of technology in the UK. This has been boosted by the national rollout of FreeStyle Libre, successful procurement of all commercially available insulin pump systems and changes to NICE guidance on CGM for type 1 diabetes in pregnancy, resulting in a third of individuals with type 1 diabetes using CGM.”

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