Kidney disease testing in type 2 diabetes consensus statement released

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12th November 2020
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A consensus document to help healthcare professionals better understand the importance of kidney disease screenings among people with type 2 diabetes has been published. 

Testing for kidney disease in type 2 diabetes: consensus statement and recommendations‘ was a joint effort by ABCD and the Renal Association.

In a post on the ABCD website, Dr Peter Winocour consultant at the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, who is currently co-ordinating the joint ABCD-Renal Association guidelines, said: “It is vital that all healthcare professionals understand why cardiac and renal risk require BOTH measurement of urine albumin creatinine ratios AS WELL as eGFR.

“ABCD and the Renal Association, along with colleagues from primary care, have produced a consensus document on screening for kidney disease that is designed for use in all healthcare settings. We encourage this to be shared with all colleagues in integrated diabetes care services in order to help improve the frequency of full screening for both aspects of renal damage.”

The document highlights and explains key aspects of national and international clinical guidelines and signposts useful resources.

A quick-reference DKD Screening/Monitoring Tool has also been provided within the supplementary material to guide and support appropriate and timely DKD testing for all individuals with type 2 diabetes.

To read the document, click here.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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