Roche launches ‘meaningful monitoring’ online video resources for type 2 diabetes

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24th May 2021
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A series of video resources have been developed for people with type 2 diabetes to help demonstrate the importance of ‘meaningful monitoring’.

Roche Diabetes Care has partnered with Fixing Us, a company that documents people’s health journeys on film, to share the story of John Neary who lives with type 2 diabetes.

The three-part videos follows him as he aims to better understand his condition and adapts to improve his health.

Speaking about his type 2 diabetes, John said: “If you don’t feel pain it’s very easy to ignore. It’s all about getting to understand it and the only way that people will take that in is by hearing and being able to contact people and speak to people that have gone through it.”

It is hoped that John’s story will help people to understand the challenges of the journey that people like John face, whilst demonstrating the benefits and progress that he makes by making lifestyle changes and monitoring his blood glucose in a meaningful way.

To access all three chapters of John’s story, click here.

Roche Diabetes Care has also teamed up with a group of healthcare professionals and together they have produced a series of online animated videos to help people with the condition better understand why monitoring is needed, how it is done and what to do with the information to better manage their type 2 diabetes.

The idea behind the videos is to promote ‘Meaningful Monitoring’, also known as structured blood glucose monitoring, ensuring people are carrying out blood glucose monitoring in a purposeful way.

The three animated videos available here cover the following:

  • Meaningful monitoring and why it is important
  • What to do with the readings
  • Why, when and how often to self- monitor
  • Motivating the person to self-monitor

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