Sales reps can be a valuable resource for diabetes teams

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1st February 2022
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NHS teams have been urged to think of sales reps as a valuable resource as they reengage following coronavirus lockdowns, as Ascensia Diabetes Care’s UK Head of Sales highlights the benefits of working in partnership. 

Kirsty Oliver has said that sales reps can be extremely valuable to healthcare professionals working for the NHS as they are able to help drive engagement and “empower people with diabetes”.

Speaking in the latest Big Interview, she said that sales reps aim to provide “straightforward solutions” that help make cost savings and improve outcomes for those with diabetes.

“I think sales reps often get bad press,” Kirsty added. “Sales teams generally have a lot of information to share with the NHS.”

“They should be valued and perceived as a really useful resource. Our sales reps want to support healthcare professionals manage their patients and workloads more effectively.”

Kirsty added that she thinks there is “big value in the NHS working in partnership with companies.

“At Ascensia, we have got some great tools that can help healthcare professionals and customers to optimise diabetes care and reduce the cost associated with blood glucose testing.”

Kirsty also said, “I’ve been blown away by the commitment and resolve of NHS workers during the pandemic and would like to thank everyone that has been working on the frontline, particularly those involved in caring for people with diabetes.”

The Big Interview welcomes experts in the world of diabetes to discuss the hot topics of debate surround diabetes care.

During her interview, Kirsty also reflected on the care company’s top achievements during the pandemic and spoke about the Asecnsia’s plans for this year.

To watch Kirsty Oliver’s Big Interview, click here.

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