Stats say RCGP low-carb module improves knowledge

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2nd May 2019
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An online Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) course exploring low glycaemic-index (GI) diets in type 2 diabetes improves the knowledge of participants by almost half, according to latest statistics.

The ‘Type 2 Diabetes – a Low GI Approach’ was written by Southport GP and low-carb advocate Dr David Unwin in collaboration with Diabetes Digital Media and has been completed by 791 healthcare professionals since launching last summer.

New statistics from the RCGP show that the 30-minute e-learning module has raised the knowledge of type 2 diabetes and low-carb approaches of participants from a pre-course average of 46.84% to 82.41% on completion.

The module was chosen as the RCGP’s course of the month in October 2018 to mark Diabetes Awareness Month and also again in February 2019.

Most users have given the course a five-star rating and user feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with one participant commenting: “Fantastic and very practical topic that will go a long way in supporting type 2 diabetic patients and even non diabetic obese patients.”

Broken down into three sessions, the 30-minute e-learning course starts with a baseline assessment of knowledge, skills and attitudes relating to type 2 diabetes and a low-carbohydrate diet and finishes with a 10-question quiz to assess understanding of material from the module.

The course is aimed at healthcare professionals interested in avoiding lifelong medication for their patients with type 2 diabetes. It has been applauded by Lord Balfe, a key figure in European and International Parliamentary Affairs and Honorary President and Global Patron of NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health.

Lord Balfe said: “I am particularly pleased to hear the Royal College of General Practitioners has just published a peer reviewed eLearning course on this subject written by Dr Unwin to help other health care professionals interested in avoiding lifelong medication for their patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Dr Unwin has shown the benefits to be gained from the treatment of type 2 diabetes by dietary modification. Not only does his simple and easily understandable set of modifications to diet lead to a potential life free of drugs but it also cuts the cost of treatment within an overstretched NHS.”

In 2016, Dr Unwin was awarded ‘NHS Innovator of the Year’ for published research into a low-carb diet as an alternative to drug therapy in type 2 diabetes. His initiative saved his GP practice £40,000 per year less than expected on drugs for diabetes, while at the same time helping up to 50% of patients get their type 2 diabetes into medication-free remission.

To access the course, click here, but to take part RCGP membership is required.

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