Ninjabetic – Christmas concerns

17th December 2015

Christmas is upon us once again and, once again, I’m feeling slightly on edge about the things that I haven’t got round to doing. Not surprisingly, now that my thoughts are out of my jumbled and ...

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Ninjabetic – diabulimia dangers

18th November 2015

As many people in the world of diabetes will know, November is Diabetes Awareness Month. It is a time to raise awareness around the misconceptions of the illness, the day-to-day living, the highs ...

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Ninjabetic – diabetes burnout

13th October 2015

This morning I woke up feeling very happy. So happy in fact that it felt very alien to me and I realised that this isn’t the norm, not at the moment anyway. I know that most people are a little ...

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Ninjabetic – Fighting for survival…

14th September 2015

I’m unsure of how to start this article, so I thought I’d just come out and say it… I’m exhausted. All I’ve thought about for the last few months is how much of a struggle I have found being a ...

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Ninjabetic – me before my illness

6th July 2015

My local commissioner has just asked me a question that made me well up…but before anyone thinks the worst, I’m happy about this. You see, she was the first person (in the 13 years I’ve lived ...

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Ninjabetic – The C word (in diabetes)

4th June 2015

It is complicated this diabetes business, isn’t it? The diagnosis of a long-term condition can be life altering. The management differs between us all, and sometimes it changes so frequently that ...

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