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UK production ends for major insulin pump brand

By Editor
24th January 2018
Medical devices, Technology

People who use the Animas® Vibe® insulin pumps are being urged to speak to their healthcare professional  as it is announced the product is being discontinued immediately.

Animas, the second-largest manufacturer of insulin pumps, has said it will no longer be manufacturing the pump for Europe, following production closure in the US and Canada last year.

Karen Addington, JDRF’s UK chief executive said: “This news is concerning and JDRF is monitoring the situation. It’s important that users are supported by Animas and their healthcare team to identify an alternative pump and ensure a smooth transition to a new medical device.”

A spokesperson for Animas said: “This decision was extremely difficult and comes following an extensive exploration of all viable other options for the Animas business.

“We recognise that patients living with diabetes rely on our products to provide critical care, and we want to reassure patients and their care teams that we will be there, every step of the way, throughout this process.”

There is still currently pump support and services available Animas said it will continue to honour pump warranties.

The company has issued a series of recommendations to help healthcare professionals and people who use their product understand how the  discontinuation affects them.

  • Effective immediately, Animas will cease to place Animas® Vibe® pumps in the European market to the extent this is contractually permitted.
  • Where Animas has contractual obligations, Animas will honor its commitment while working to transfer such obligations to suitable other parties.
  • Where permissible, we have selected Medtronic as our preferred partner to facilitate a seamless insulin delivery system transition period. One of the reasons we chose Medtronic as our preferred partner is because of its strong track record providing outstanding patient care and support. For over 30 years, Medtronic has been a global leader in the treatment of those living with diabetes.
  • Animas and/or our partners will be communicating details about the decision and next steps to patients and/or healthcare providers and agencies in the coming weeks.
  • The timing of that communication will vary depending on the country and processes in that country.
  • As stated before, if you are currently using an Animas pump and pump supplies, you will continue to receive pump support and services through a transition period.
  • If you currently use LifeScan, Dexcom or Diasend products, continue to use them. You will continue to receive the same customer care.

For further information contact 0800 055 6606 for customer support.

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