Ninjabetic – the language of diabetes

9th January 2015

I’ve been thinking recently about the way that I talk about diabetes and the way that others communicate with me and also about me. Language is a very powerful tool used in discussions about ...

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Ninjabetic – Christmas and diabetes

12th December 2014

As Christmas is less than two weeks away it seems appropriate that this month’s column has a crimbo theme to it, mixed with diabetes of course. Christmas, as the song goes, is the most wonderful ...

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Ninjabetic – Insulin for All

14th November 2014

November 14, as many of you know, marks World Diabetes Day. World Diabetes Day is celebrated throughout the world by people living with diabetes, their friends and families and their carers. It ...

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Ninjabetic – living with diabetes

13th October 2014

This week I was asked: “What’s it like to have diabetes?” I wasn’t expecting it. I was caught off guard and I stumbled over my answer a little, but I gave it as well as I could. It was a doctor ...

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Ninjabetic – A real game changer

22nd September 2014

It has been just over a week since I was handed a yellow shiny box that contained the newest kit on the block, Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre. All week I’ve been asked about the Libre: “How much does ...

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Ninjabetic – Back to basics

4th July 2014

Back to basics The 15 healthcare essentials… a check list for all patients with diabetes (devised by Diabetes UK) to show them what they should expect, in terms of basic care, from the HCPs ...

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Ninjabetic – I Can

11th June 2014

This week marks Diabetes Week and this year’s theme is ‘I Can’. This gives everyone with diabetes, and those who help people with diabetes, an opportunity to spread the word about the things they ...

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